One More Reason for Your Customers To Choose Digital Phone Service

The IVI6000 solves one of your biggest problems: how to install Digital Phone Service in apartment buildings without losing the intercom connection to the phones.

Standard intercoms are wired so tenants can answer their intercom from any phone in the unit.

But changing over to Digital Phone disables that function and requires the use of just one phone dedicated to the intercom – an inconvenience for the tenant.

How The IVI6000 Works

The IVI6000 Intercom Interface is a tiny, easy-to-install device that switches all phones in the apartment to the intercom and back. Tenants can answer their intercom from the nearest phone, just like before.

And if they're already on the phone, a musical tone will alert them, if they press the # key, the IVI6000 will put their call on hold, switch to the intercom, allow them to speak to their visitor and then switch back automatically when the Intercom releases the line.

In short, the IVI6000 delivers the phone/intercom features your customers are already used to.

Save a considerable amount of time on every installation because access to the telephone room is not required.

Leave the IVI6000 in place and save even more when subsciber move.

How VoIP Service Providers Benefit:

  • Your prospective customers are thrilled to learn their intercom functionality won't change when they switch to Digital Phone service.
  • Happier customers mean fewer cancellations and costly service disconnections.
  • IVI6000 is proven reliable – the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is a remarkable two million hours.
  • Easy to install, just three wires to connect.
  • No telephone room access required.
  • No external power required.
  • When reset, it will defaults to the Intercom/Telco phone service, ready for remote porting.
  • After the remote porting is activated it defaults to the Digital Phone Service.
  • The IVI6000 has already become an indispensable VOIP feature among the cable companies using it.
  • Nobody else has Sittelle’s vast experience.
  • The IVI6000 is an affordable add-on that will help you build up and retain your customer base while saving money on installations.

Technical Information


2.7’’ Long X 1.4 ‘’ Wide X 0.8’’ Thick

Operating Temperature

-10F to + 120F


One RJ-11 Digital Phone input
One RJ-11 plus one tool-less IDC connector for House wiring input
One RJ-11 plus one tool-less IDC connector for Intercom


4 Oz.

Ring Detection

40 to 100 Vrms, 20 Hz +- 20%

Alert Tone

Musical tones, subscriber may talk over the tones.

Switch to Intercom

# key

Switch back from Intercom

 Hook flash or hanging up.

Voice Grade Analog Transmission

Compatible with PKT-SP-EMTA-PRIMARY-I01-001128 PacketCable™ Embedded MTA Primary Line Support Specification section 8.4


Meets FCC part 68, UL 1863 

Surge Withstand

UL 1863 section 25.22 :
600 VAC,  2.2A.,  30 minutes,
600 VAC,  7.0A,  5 second


Surge Voltage


Surge Current









DIGITAL PHONE PORT:                                  
GR 1089 Intra-Building Lightning Surge Test 1,2


Surge Voltage


Surge Current









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Installation Manual
Wiring Diagram
IVI6000 Part 68 Declaration of conformity